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At clinique dentaire Dr. Roux & Dr. Stamboulis, your dentists in Montreal, we strive to offer you better dental care. Our doctors keep up with the latest trends and technologies in dentistry. The Bioclear Method is among them. Dr. Marie-France Roux is part of a small group of Canadian dentists certified in the Method, which serves to provide conservative, minimally invasive care in esthetic smile design and run-of-the-mill dental work.
Contact our dental team in Montreal to find out if Bioclear is right for you, from filling black triangles, closing gaps between teeth and conservative smile design to fixing broken or decayed teeth. Discover how Bioclear can serve you better in keeping a strong and healthy smile.

What is the Bioclear Method?

Bioclear is a revolutionary method which allows certified dentists to treat and rejuvenate teeth. The Method was developed by American dentist Dr. David Clark. It espoused breakthrough concepts of biomechanics supported by scientific evidence. The Bioclear Method allows for your teeth to be better preserved over time, be rejuvenated to their youthful strength, and has applications in saving cracked teeth which may otherwise require more aggressive interventions. The Bioclear Method allows for a conservative and innovative way to care for your teeth—and in some cases, no need to cut down the tooth. Dr. Roux applies the 5 pillars of the Bioclear method to all of her restorative work. From proper preparation of the tooth structure to the use of warmed tooth-coloured filling material, Dr. Roux is able to rejuvenate teeth to their best shape due to the usage of anatomical tooth-shaped molds called matrices. The Bioclear Method allows for a conservative alternative to porcelain veneers in closing gaps and black triangles between teeth. It is also a better way to strengthen back teeth affected by decay or cracks.

The Advantages of the Bioclear Method

Non-Invasive procedure: the method often allows for teeth not to be shaved down in order to perform a smile rejuvenation. In a way the procedure is reversible—but why would you prefer gaps over a full smile?

Long-lasting results that look and feel natural: whether color-matching or instantly boosting the shade of your teeth, composite resins offer a wide spectrum of colours to meet your needs. With its polishing protocole the Bioclear Method provides an unparalleled glass-like finish and luster. Bioclear is often the treatment of choice to finish up Invisalign cases.

Same-day results: The Bioclear Method does not require any lab work, which means no downtime waiting for the final result.

Promotes better gum health: gaps between teeth are harder to clean and get caked with tartar build up. Tartar causes gums to swell and bleed, which triggers inflammation in the bone underneath. Bone loss can lead to tooth loss. Bioclear closes the food traps between teeth, and by doing so, allows for better daily hygiene and less inflammation of the gum tissue.

Bioclear: the latest in dental biomechanics thanks to us!

The Bioclear Method is on the rise across Canada. However, finding a certified provider can be tricky. Dr. Roux processes the proper accreditation and is a triple Bioclear Certified dentist in core anterior & posterior and advanced anterior certifications.
Bioclear cas2
Triangles noirs
The loss of papillae (the wedges of pink gums between teeth) leads to the apparition of black triangles. The Bioclear Method offers a predictable, conservative, esthetic way to over-contour teeth and promote excellent gum health on a daily basis.
Fermeture de diastème
A diastema is a wide, apparent gap between 2 teeth or more. This may provide an esthetic challenge. Diastema closure is often performed using the Bioclear Method without having to grind down tooth structure.
Régénération du sourire
Wear, cracks, uneven smile lines, and crowding cause a smile to appear less appealing. The Bioclear Method can offer a good alternative to traditional smile design procedures.
Triangles noirs
By following different concepts in biomechanics Bioclear makes your teeth 8X more resistant to breakage and fracture than traditional fillings.