A new way to fix cavities: Bioclear on posterior teeth

Fixing cavities is the bread-and-butter of dentistry. But, the way to do it is based on centuries-old principles invented before airplanes came about! Established in the early 2000’s the Bioclear Method as a way of fixing broken or diseased teeth is supported by scientific studies, both privately and independently run. The Method is now taught in many majors universities across North America, including McGill University and Université de Montreal.
Your dentist in Montreal at Clinique dentaire Dre Roux & Dr Stamboulis holds the Bioclear certification needed to predictably deliver quality care in the most conservative way to fix and restore your back teeth.
La nouvelle façon de soigner les caries : restaurations des dents postérieures
La carie

the most common tooth disease

The bacteria in your mouth live off the food you eat and produce a waste by-product called plaque. When in contact with your tooth, plaque releases acid and breaks down enamel. With time this causes a hole, or cavity, in the tooth. Leave it long enough and the cavity ( bacterial infection) progresses toward the nerve of your tooth and may cause severe pain. Best way to manage tooth decay is by acting fast, at the first signs.

A new way of fixing tooth decay with Bioclear

Traditionally, you have tooth decay, and the dentist drills a hole in your tooth to clean it out before packing it up with a silver or tooth-coloured filling. Done deal. But what happens overtime? Chewing food, clenching, and grinding put the tooth under so much stress that either the tooth cracks or the filling fails. Why? Because the tooth-filling interface is a tension joint.

With Bioclear, not only are we following the latest guidelines in removing minimal decay (selective caries removal technique), we also bio-engineer the tooth preparation (the shape of the filling) to strengthen the tooth and maximize the awesome properties of composite resin. Bioclear places the tooth into compression—making it 8X more resistant to stress fractures!

Bioclear—different bio-engineering principles

Additive and transformative: by removing less tooth structure, practicing selective caries removal, and injection-molding extra volume around the tooth, we brace and fortify the tooth making it more resistant to stress breakage.

Strengthening teeth : dental caps place teeth in compression by sacrificing up to 70% of the tooth volume. Bioclear puts teeth in compression by enhancing the way we carve the tooth prior to filling it. The result is 8X more resistance to fracture overtime.

Less possible complications: by performing selective caries removal, we remove only what is necessary for the tooth to maintain its optimal health. We don’t chase the caries down to the nerve anymore and risk needing a root canal.
Les caractéristiques de la nouvelle méthode de restauration des dents postérieures
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Bioclear: beyond dental decay

Une restauration des dents postérieure polyvalente !
Cracked-Tooth Syndrome
Cracked teeth are the leading cause of tooth loss in industrialized countries. The lifetime of a tooth is a downward spiral from the time the tooth receives its first filling. Addressing cracked teeth does not come with a single prescriptive method. In fact, depending on a doctor’s training, cracks are chased and the tooth gets amputated to somewhat of a stump before being rebuilt again. The Bioclear approach is yet again different. According to engineering principals Bioclear certified providers choose to brace the tooth to strengthen it. Bioclear overlays are treatment options readily available to address fissures and cracks in posterior teeth without resorting to dental caps.