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Black triangles occur with time. The triangular gaps formed between teeth at the gumline may be secondary to gum disease, or follows after an orthodontic treatment. This dead space is perfect for food, plaque, and tartar build up, which in turns leads to bone loss, and in some extreme cases, tooth loss. More than simply filling negative spaces, closing black triangles allows for better gum health—bonus: it also rejuvenates your dentition for a youthful smile!
Your Montreal dentist at Clinique dentaire Dre Roux & Dr Stamboulis provides Black Triangle closure using the Bioclear Method.
Triangles noirs

What are black triangles?

Black triangles are gaps that appear between teeth at the gumline. They are often due to chronic gum inflammation, resulting in the loss of supporting tissue around the tooth. Black triangles can also appear in adulthood following an orthodontic treatment like Invisalign. Up to 30% of adult Invisalign patients end up with black triangles once teeth have been uprighted.

What causes Black Triangles?

Gum recession: receding gums cause teeth to appear longer and for roots to become exposed. Gum recession may also be due to chronic gum disease.

Age and wear: the wear-and-tear of aging, inadequate brushing technique, and tooth grinding take a toll on your gums and teeth, which may lead to the apparition of black triangles.

Orthodontics: when teeth are crowded, their roots and crows are packed tightly together. However, once the teeth are properly aligned, gums may not follow the new contour of the teeth, which often leads to the development of black triangles.

Quelques facteurs de développement des triangles noirs

Bioclear : a step-by-step method

A disclosing solution is applied to the tooth surface to expose the bacteria present in the mouth. This is called the biofilm. The biofilm is then thoroughly removed.
Triangle noir étape #1
The gap to be filled is precisely measured and a mold (matrix) is selected to rejuvenate the tooth.
Triangle noir étape #2


Once the matrices are in place Dr. Roux uses the injection molding technique (heated composite) to give the tooth its new shape.
Triangle noir étape #3
After removing the matrices the final restaurations are buffed and polished to a shine.
Finition parfaite

3M™ Bioclear™

Closing black triangles using the bioclear method: a simple and easy solution

A conservative option
Because of the combined power of tooth-shaped molds and the injection molding technique, it is now possible to overcontour teeth and close unwanted gaps without grinding away the enamel. This is a quick and easy procedure.
Bioclear: long-lasting, natural results
The Bioclear Method relies on the science and technology of Filtek composite resins by 3M. A wide array of shades are available to yield natural and esthetic results.