Diastema closure

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A smile can be beautiful in many ways. Sometimes a diastema doesn’t serve that purpose.
Thankfully, The Bioclear Method offered in Montreal at Clinique dentaire Dre Roux & Dr Stamboulis can help.
Qu’est-ce qu’un diastème ?

What is a diastema?

A diastema is a long-sided gap between 2 or more teeth. It often creates too much light-and-dark contrast in a smile, which may affect the overall facial esthetics of an individual. This may be due to poor tooth alignment or a discrepancy in tooth-size shape.

How to close a diastema?


Dental veneers: the enamel on teeth is slightly ground down to allow for thin porcelain shells to be cemented atop. This is an indirect method which requires provisional restorations to be made and involves out-sourcing the lab work. There is a turn-around time of 2-3 weeks to receive the final veneers and finish the case.

Orthodontic treatment: closing gaps between teeth can be solved by changing the alignment of teeth through orthodontic therapy, such as Invisalign. Long term retention is key to prevent the gaps from reopening.

Dental caps: in some cases dental crowns can be placed to close gaps between small-shaped teeth. This is by far a more aggressive option.

The Bioclear Method: A simple, quick, and relatively painless option to overcontour teeth and close gaps using warm composite resin.

Why choose bioclear to close a diastema?

Same-day results

The Bioclear Method offers a customized solution to fit your needs in a same-day procedure. Using tooth-coloured composite resin it is possible to get long-lasting, natural results.