Smile rejuvenation

Although a beautiful smile is subjective, most prefer a harmonious look provided by white, straight teeth. There are so many ways to achieve this, and the Bioclear Method is now one of them.
Dr. Marie-France Roux, your dentist in Montreal, holds both Anterior and Advanced anterior certifications for the Bioclear Learning Center in Tacoma, WA., and offers smile rejuvenations.

Bioclear: a versatile solution

An alternative to traditional porcelain veneers, Bioclear can help correct shape, shade, and alignment issues of the front teeth while being more conservative than porcelain restorations.

How bioclear rejuvenates your smile

Tooth alignment
It is possible to provide orthodontic corrections to teeth that are slightly misaligned. By using tooth-shaped molds (matrices) we overcontour teeth and easily close unwanted gaps, thus giving the impression the teeth are properly positioned.
Shade-matching or upgrade
Filtek resins allow for easy shade matching or provide a solution to hiding discoloured teeth.
Anatomy, tooth-by-tooth
Rejuvenating teeth with Bioclear allows for wear patterns, cracks, chips, and craze lines to disappear. Misshapen teeth can also be overcontoured to regain their natural feel and look.
Filling the gaps
Gaps between teeth and black triangles disappear with a Bioclear Smile Rejuvenation.

Bioclear as Additive Dentistry

Traditional dentistry aims at removing tooth structure before rebuilding a defect. Traditional veneers and crowns can cause the loss of up to 70% of the tooth structure.The Bioclear Method maximizes and preserves the existing tooth structure by adding volume to it. This is done through the use of matrices (tooth-shaped molds) and the injection moulding technique (warmed composite resin). The build up is then cured in place using a high-intensity blue light.

The Benefits of a Bioclear Smile Rejuvenation

Shaping up your smile for better health
Many factors impact body image, one of which is the smile. The pleasantness of a smile subjectively affects others’ perception of us. By addressing smile issues we can better one’s self-esteem and provide self-confidence.
The work-up
Your dentist at Clinique dentaire Dre Roux & Dr Stamboulis will proceed with a thorough work-up to determine if a Bioclear Smile Rejuvenation is the right for you. Assessing your bite, your gum health, and the presence of pre-existing crown and bridge work must be performed. An iTero scan, x-rays, and pictures are taken to evaluate esthetic concerns and goals. To reserve your Bioclear consult click on the button below.
La régénération du sourire : 
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